Puszczykowo ­ a city situated on the left bank of the Warta river, in the protective zone around the Wielkopolska National Park, just a few kilometers south of Poznan. Due to the numerous natural advantages, availability of sports facilities and a well­developed range of catering and accommodation facilities, the town is a great holiday and tourist destination. There are many bike paths and hiking trails in the town and around it, as well as tourist attractions and unique buildings put on a monument register.

Tourist Attractions in Puszczykowo


Museum - Literary Atelier them Arkady Fiedler and the Garden of Tolerance is housed in an old villa and a garden of Fiedler family at Słowackiego Street. The museum is dedicated to the life and work of the traveler, Arkady Fiedler. You may see hundreds of interesting exhibits there from around the world: sculptures and ritual masks, the most beautiful tropical butterflies, scorpions, piranhas and many others. In the Garden, among others, there are replicas of Christoper Columbus' ship in 1:1 scale and the famous fighter Hawker Hurricane MK I

Wooden railway station

Wooden railway station in Puszczykówko was built in 1911 specifically for the needs of the growing number of holidaymakers coming to Puszczykowo and Puszczykówko. A lightweight construction with architecture typical for holiday resorts has elevation restored in 2011 to its original light green color. The station has two waiting rooms: a summer and a winter one. The second historic railway station is at the Puszczykowo station and was established in 1905. It has a distinctive turret clock.

Church of the Lady of the Assumption

Church of the Lady of the Assumption was built in 1928 on the initiative and the contributions of holidaymakers resting in Puszczykowo. In the picturesquely situated church, on the edge of the National Park, there is a popular series of Summer Organ Concerts every year that draws to this place a large group of organ music lovers.

Ice cream parlor

Ice cream parlor of Kostusiak family. The company of Kostusiak family has operated continuously since 1945. For many years it has attracted not only residents of Puszczykowo but also hundreds of tourists. The taste of ice cream produced here is unparalleled and on warm days the queue seems to have no end.

Hiking trails

Puszczykowo is located in the protective zone around the Wielkopolska National Park which is one of the most attractive places of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The Park is visited by over a million of tourists annually. Five hiking trails run through the Park. Also there are special routes designed for running, Nordic walking and cross-country skiing.

EkoInfo Center

EkoInfo Center is located in the railway control room building at Poznanska Street. It is the tourist information center about nature and attractions in Microregion of the Wielkopolska National Park. Also it offers environmental education for children and youth, and organizes "Walks around Puszczykowo with history in the background".

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