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Art inspired by the beauty of nature PDF Drukuj Email
niedziela, 23 listopada 2008 02:24

The music of Chopin and the flora and fauna of the most beautiful areas of the National Park of Wielkopolska, almost untouched by man, are waiting to be re-discovered.

All lovers of nature and art are warmly invited to the Museum of the National Park of Wielkopolska where in addition to the rich collection of natural treasures they will have the opportunity to admire paintings and watch the unique animation films illustrated with classical music. It was the beauty of the neighboring forests and Polish landscapes that provided inspiration to Aleksandra Korejwo, an inhabitant of Puszczykowo and artist of global renown, who created her films using a unique colored salts technique.
Her most recent work, to be presented during this special event, is “SCHERZO” to Frederic Chopin’s music. It will pay tribute to this great Polish composer and to the beauty of Polish countryside. The world premiere of this animation production will be held on December 9th, during the Climate Change Conference. During the show, the artist will talk about the artistic process and the technique she employs. Aleksandra Korejwo’s work provides tangible evidence that Man, Art and Nature can coexist in harmony.
Screenings of the film will constitute the highlight of a project entitled “Another Dimension of Environmental Education – Art Inspired by the Beauty of Nature”, subsidized by the Governmental Fund for Civic Initiatives (FIO).
The presentations will be held every day from 6th to 11th December 2008 between 3.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. in the Museum of the National Park of Wielkopolska in Jeziory near Poznań
Daily departures at 2.30 p.m. from the Poznań International Fair grounds. Return at about 6.00 p.m.
Free coffee will be served to participants, who may also buy sandwiches and ‘bigos’ (traditional Polish sauerkraut stew) at the museum’s bar.
Bus transport and participation in the event are free.

Information for the guest from Poznań - check how to get to WPN - Jeziory

Free invitations for COP14 Participants to be collected at the City Information Centre desk at the Poznań International Fair grounds - the Conference venue (pav. 15A) 

The booking is also possible by internet on the web page http://cim.poznan.pl/ , menu conference cultural agenda: Art inspired by the beauty of Nature - Chopin in the Wielkopolska National Park (go to to date on calendar 06 - 11.12.2008) or directly by this link.

Organizers: The “Partners for the Local Government” Association, Municipality of Puszczykowo and the National Park of Wielkopolska.

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